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How to ensure that the right customer at the right time and the right place to get the right goods?

According to a survey by the China Association of logistics and transportation, the annual transportation and logistics management, stolen goods worth 15 billion yuan, most of which are stolen acquaintances or insiders of the company. Poor management of vehicles, the driver will be frequent cheating, theft of goods, such as the replacement of adulteration phenomenon, the state of goods can not be real-time query, the vehicle can not locate tracking, cargo safety is not guaranteed.

Shanghai Hui material Intelligent Technology Co Ltd for the logistics security problem, RFID is a research and development of electronic seals with non-contact identification RFID chip seal, ID, digital electronic seal chip with global uniqueness, have not the seal lock deadlock is not in place, the super tamper security features cannot read recognition the. Once the electronic seal seal can not be opened, only to reach the destination by the person in accordance with the procedures! Once the damage will not be able to restore the replacement can not be copied, so that security uniqueness. At the same time logistics information can be recorded in the electronic seal, do modern information transmission and acquisition verification. Realizing information management.

How to effectively ensure the safety of goods transportation in logistics enterprises?

In the logistics transportation, according to the current status of the transport car, van, container trucks and other transport vehicles, to prevent the theft of transit, replacement of valuables, illegal operation, the best method is based on the Internet of things, electronic blockade RFID wireless radio frequency technology to realize the logistics supervision. Under the electronic blockade management system, the information of the vehicle is monitored scientifically.

Intelligent electronic blockade (SmartLock) RFID intelligent locks with modern networking technology, is a non-contact automatic identification technology, the use of cloud computing technology, combined with the use of networking technology to effectively, make the lock to become an intelligent hardware products, combined with the use of the Internet, the safety and convenience of the intelligent electronic the blockade has been greatly improved, and the scene for simple operation. Intelligent electronic lock chip digital ID number has a global uniqueness, and can read and write data and communication conversion, computer management. Automatic identification and management for transport vehicle electronic transport blockade from origin to destination, electronic blockade goods sealed management.

How to monitor the temperature of the goods in transit?

With the rapid development of China's economy, the level of national consumption is increasing, and the customer's expectation of cold chain logistics is becoming higher and higher. It can help the enterprise to provide the service and management level of cold chain logistics, and meet the challenge.

Shanghai Hui material technology Co. Ltd. in order to solve this problem, the development of the RFID temperature label, adopts fully sealed waterproof design of the products, the RFID technology and the combination of temperature records developed a new product, in the material identification and measurement and recording of the environment temperature, and card reader for convenient storage and transportation in the process of extraction temperature, can directly determine whether the environment temperature in the process of storage and transportation of materials exceeds the allowable range, the temperature sensitive material guarantee of security, reduce unnecessary losses, realize the whole process of quality traceability.

What's stopping you? - an endless stream of stealing electricity

For a long time, stealing electricity has always been a problem in the electricity sector, although the electricity sector has in many ways to strengthen the anti stealing electricity measures, but because of stealing electricity means anti stealing electricity to emerge in an endless stream, the work of great difficulty, is called the one upmanship. To this end, Shanghai Hui Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. to steal the power of the way to study, in order to better improve the level of anti stealing technology, completely blocking the theft of electricity vulnerabilities.

Shanghai Hui material Intelligent Technology Co. company research and development of intelligent instrument in electronic seal RFID chip as the core, has the characteristics of security, anti-theft, theft, vandalism seal seal seal wire, can not read the identification number, the inspection found the problem, so as to prevent the electricity stealing effect. Intelligent instrument seal with the wisdom of things cloud platform for intelligent power system brings a new city life.

Illegal modification led to gas meter can not be correctly counted how to do?

Unauthorized changes to the residents of their own gas meter to steal gas, resulting in serious loss of Gas Co, but repeated, as the Gas Co is concerned, the purchase of new anti-theft effect is a good way to intelligent gas meter. Intelligent gas meter in addition to a prominent performance in terms of safety, in terms of meter reading, measurement accuracy, cost savings and other advantages.

The electronic seal management system of Shanghai Hui material Intelligent Technology Co. company developed mainly in the electronic seal as the core, the encrypted serial number, each seal RFID chip number, only the global serial number, corresponding to the world's only only, can not be copied, with the use of seal management system developed by our company, to seal the seal, inspection, abnormal feedback operation management, the handset network with every step of the operation of the seal with the server by means of real-time synchronization, management system, and can realize monitoring network management resources flow, eliminate resources are theft phenomenon.


Stealing water meter emerge in an endless stream of social phenomenon, repeated, thus preventing the loss of water is a system engineering, facing the primary problem of tap water company is how to control the safe operation of the water meter, water meter to prevent abnormal passive, to ensure the safety of the water meter data is correct, at the same time the meter in the operation of dynamic information collect and query.

Shanghai Hui material technology Co. Ltd. research and development of intelligent water management system through the implementation of electronic information management, seal seal intelligent management system, perfect the Metrology Department daily inspection supervision and inspection of the seal. The electronic seal in the production of chip seal structure is fully integrated into one, to ensure the absolute uniqueness of each intelligent seal and can not be imitated; we can use the seal of tamper proof, high strength engineering plastic molded once, durable, not natural damage; and the seal structure of the chip seal completely integrated water record data at any time, to achieve the electronic management of the real.